Inside your light I learn how to love. Inside your beauty I create poems. You dance inside my chest where no one can see you. But some times I see you. And that seeing becomes this art.     ~Rumi~

Come Again - New Release

Rumi’s words are woven into a song sung by Netanel Goldberg. The song was recorded at the Sound and Silence festival in Corfu, after which it underwent extensive studio work.  

Ellaya speaks Sufi poetry

This video shows selections from my performances from around the world.
It also tells my story; how I met Rumi and why I love speaking poetry.

The New Rule,

This incredibly beautiful Rumi poem, translated by Colman Barks, was performed at Sound and Silence festival in Portugal 2019, with the two Master musicians, Mitsch Kohn and Alexander Vaymer.

The Guest House

One of Rumi’s most famous poems.

The Guest House (translated by Colman Barks), was performed at Sound and Silence festival in Corfu 2017, with Netanel Goldberg

Ocean of my Dreams

The followig video shows Lebanese Estelle Zaghloul dancing to the words of Rumi ad Hafiz and the beautiful song composed by Mirabai Ceiba, “Ocean of my Dreams”

I Vote for You God

From the performance ‘The Laughter of God’. The words of Hafiz are woven into a melody composed by Fatma Sezen Yildrin.

Vocals: Amir Bar David. Oud: Itamar Zackai. Percussion: Avi Agabba

Love Said to Me

Poem by Jallauddin Rumi

Translation: Shahram Shiva Sufi

Performed with Elise Yuil Cohen at the Goddess Hall, Glastonbury, England. August 2018


Ellaya weaves Rumi poetry into Leonard Cohen’s famous song Halleluja, sung by Carrie Tree. 

The song was performed and recorded at the Sound and Silence festival in Portugal, 2019. 

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