Ellaya is an Israeli storyteller, spoken word artist, Buddhism teacher and lover of poetry, with a deep affinity for Sufi poetry. Guided by her love of Rumi and Hafiz, Ellaya has developed a unique approach to performance, that delivers 13th century poetry as live and contemporary spoken word, creating a vibrant and mystical experience, infused with her own personal touch.

Working alongside exceptional musicians, Ellaya crafts truly beautiful performances that are as delightful to the ear, heart and spirit as they are spellbinding to watch.

With fluency in both English and Hebrew, Ellaya has toured extensively both domestically and abroad, and has a knack for putting together impromptu performances with on-site musicians.

Be it English or Hebrew, whether performing, teaching or conducting workshops, Ellaya is a true ambassador for the richness and beauty of Sufi poetry and the flowering of spirit.

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Sufi Poetry

גלו את עוצמתה ויופייה של השירה הסופית – ג’אנר ספרותי ספוג חוכמה ויופי, המגיע מן המיסטיקה האיסלמית. תנו לה להאיר דרככם ולקחת אתכם למסע אל נבכי נשמתכם. 

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